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Tree Removal & Trimming

Tree Services Offered By Ground Crew Service

Ground Crew Service knows trees. As a professional, certified landscaping company, we have planted, nurtured, treated, pruned and, when necessary, removed trees of all varieties for residential and commercial customers in Brookfield and surrounding areas. In our more than 25 years we’ve logged hundreds of miles walking properties — from small residential lots to sprawling commercial areas — to assess the health of trees and care for them. Our staff includes a consulting arborist, and we work closely with local nurseries to give you the best advice and best products possible for your landscaping needs. Call us for a free consultation!

Free consultation: The first step for any service

What concerns do you have about a tree or trees? Perhaps you have too much shade or too little. Maybe branches are growing too close to your gutters or too low to the ground. Or a tree could be showing signs of disease. Whatever your question, the first step is to visit your property for a free consultation so we can see for ourselves, assess, and suggest the best options. Ground Crew Service works with a professional master arborist and has more than 25 years of experience caring for trees.

A free consultation with Ground Crew Service can help you:

  • Get ahead of potential problems by checking for disease, distress, malnutrition or other issues.
  • Learn how to keep your trees healthy and problem-free with proper care and feeding.
  • Update your landscaping design with trees that are ideal for your needs and your property.
  • Evaluate a property you want to purchase.
  • And more!

Trimming, pruning, dead-wooding services

Left unattended, dead limbs can harm a tree’s health. And sometimes trees need trimming to discourage limbs from hanging too low or dropping leaves in your gutters. Whatever the reason, Ground Crew Service will trim in a way that’s safe for you, your property and your tree.

Removal services

When you hire Ground Crew Service for tree removal, you can rely on us to work safely and do the job thoroughly. Our tree removal service includes stump removal and turf repair, and we’ll recycle all the wood from the removed tree. You can rest easy knowing we are fully trained and insured.

Planting services

Ground Crew Service loves planting trees! We welcome the chance to recommend trees that will be just right for you. Thanks to our expert staff and our many years of experience in Wisconsin, we know what species can thrive in our climate and on your specific property. Do you want more shade or less? Something showy or something for privacy? Just let us know and we’ll recommend a tree you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Tree health care services

Keeping your trees healthy and thriving is an important way to protect your property’s value and prevent expensive problems. It makes your environment more beautiful, too. Ground Crew Service can conduct a health check of your trees and suggest a plan of action, from a one-time treatment to scheduled maintenance. We tailor any treatment program to complement the many factors that influence plant health, including soil composition and species that can be grown in Wisconsin.

A health care plan for your trees can include one or more of the following:

  • Spring feeding: Nutrients to replenish seasonal fertility and promote growth. With 50% of the nitrogen delivered in a slow-release form, trees experience a more sustained recovery from winter and have a stronger blooming season.
  • Fall feeding: A slow-release nitrogen treatment prepares plants for winter stresses such as wind, lack of moisture and frozen ground. Micro and macro nutrients encourage new growth to harden before cold weather arrives.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilizer can replace minerals that are lacking in the soil to improve a tree’s vigor and help it resist drought and disease. It can also help young and recently trimmed trees becoming established. We’ll tailor the fertilization treatment to your soil and your trees.
  • Soil injections: To incrementally improve soil composition, we place inserts 8 to 10 inches deep and directly under the tree, making key minerals and nutrients available right next to the roots.
  • Insect and disease control: We’ll assess and treat trees with harmful insects or diseases and make recommendations for preventive measures for nearby trees.
  • Mulching: When done properly, mulching can insulate a tree’s root system and provide nutrients while keeping weeds down. We use clean bark mulch sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure against the spread of disease.