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Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance services

Many homeowners and businesses agree that a great-looking and maintained lawn is a valuable asset to their home. Not only does it provide a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor activities, it also adds curb appeal and value to the property. However, the amount of work required to maintain a gorgeous yard often leads to frustration and feeling overwhelmed. Ground Crew Service has provided exceptional lawn and landscape maintenance for Wisconsin homeowners since 1995. We take the hard work out of having a beautiful yard.

Lawn Care

We will maintain your lawn all season. All regular visits include debris patrol, cutting, and trimming.

Landscape Maintenance

Visits include debris patrol, weeding of landscape beds and trimming, pruning and removing deadwood from landscape. May also include applications of herbicide to help prevent weeds in landscape beds and granular fertilizer for landscape plants.

Spring & Fall Clean up

Multiple visits which include debris patrol, picking up sticks, raking, blowing out leaves from bushes and turf areas, and raking out winter damage from turf, gutters, downspouts, walleys, and window wells.

Turf Fertilization & Weed Control

One year program includes six feedings tailored to your lawn’s specific needs and free service calls for persistent weed problems.


Promotes turf root growth, reduces thatch layer and improves flow of oxygen, water and nutrients to turf.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean and blow out gutters, valleys and downspouts and remove and recycle all debris.