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Plant Health Care

PLant Health Care Services

We will monitor your property throughout the year for any plant health problems and make recommendations as we see fit.

Soil Nutrition Program

Deep root feedings and nutrients for trees and shrubs to improve vigor and maintain health.

Insect Control

Applications to manage plant and tree damaging insects and other nuisance pests.

Deer, Rabbit, & Rodent Repellent

We will monitor landscape for animal damage and treat as necessary.

Emerald Ash Borer

Trunk injections deliver the product right into the tree’s tissue, which is then evenly dispersed throughout the canopy. The injections target the larvae tunneling in the tree, which stops the most destructive phase of this insect.

Dormant Pruning

Hand pruning done in late fall, winter, or early spring while trees and shrubs are dormant to reduce, thin out, and repair damage